My history

  • Childhood

    • Tamluk
      I was born in Tamluk. If you do not know about Tamluk that is fine. Here is quick read about Tamluk from Wikipedia. They say my hometown is atleast about 5150 years old. I grew up beside the banks of river Rupnarayana. The Bay of Bengal is not that far from my home. When I was in my school I developed quite a interest in History - especially ancient time histories - they still fascinate me. Towards the end of my high school I got attracted to Physics.
  • University days

    • Jadavpur
      This is when I thought I would return to history soon but let’s learn some Physics first. For that I went to study Physics in university. I completed the Bachelors’ and Masters’ degree from Jadavpur University in Kolkata. During this time the atomic scale Physics became my most intersting domain.

    • Paris
      So I went to Laboratoire Léon Brillouin (LLB) and Université Pierre et Marie Curie(UPMC), Paris for persuing my doctoral degree. I received the CFR grant for my doctoral work from CEA. This is where I learned about the scattering techniques and the Molecular Dynamics simulation. The time that I spent in Paris during my Ph.D days was extraordinary in every sense. As I was nearing the end of my Ph.D I could sense I wanted more.

  • Post-Ph.D

    So I decided to continue as Postdoc -

    • San Sebastian
      I landed up in Donostia International Physics Center, Spain. This is in San Sebastián. By the way if you have not visited San Sebastián please do not delay. I lived here for couple of years before joining the Wayne State University, USA.

    • Midtown Detroit
      From this time at Wayne State University Biological problems became interesting to me. It was almost two years here before I got an offer from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), USA. The kind of stuffs I used to do during then - scattering experiments and computation for complex system - the ORNL is undoubtedly the unique place because of its neutron sources (SNS and HFIR), and Supercomputer.

    • Oak Ridge
      I ended up joining ORNL towards end of spring 2016. In Fall 2017 they offered me staff scientist position that I humbly accepted. Since then I am here. I have now involved myself more into Data Analytics and started developing Machine Learning, Deep Learning tools for complex biological system to complement the scattering experiments and computation requirements. Apart from my research I like reading - primarily economics and politics, new discoveries and historical documents.