Grants/ Funding

Source Type: Description Capacity Duration Amount
DOE Project: Low-dose Understanding, Cellular Insights, and Molecular Discoveries (LUCID) Co-I 2024 ~$2000000
LDRD/DOE Project: AISD: AI for Scientific Design & Discovery Co-I 2022-23 ~$1600000
DOE INCITE Project: Scalable Transformer Language Models for Drug Discovery Co-I 2022 390000 SUMMIT node hours
LDRD/DOE Project: Multiscale Computational Framework for Precision Dosimetry Contributor 2022-23 ~$500000
LDRD/DOE Project: Automated microscopy: 4D STEM and physics discovery Co-I 2022-24 ~$1855000
DOE Project: High Performance and reduced-cost manufacturability of electrochromic (EC) devices Co-PI 2022 ~$300000
DOE Project: Data-centric Approach to the Design of Novel Therapeutics Against COVID-19 Co-I 2021 ~$500000
DOE Project: Exploration of the Potential for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Advance Low-Dose Radiation Biology Research (RadBio-AI) Co-I 2021-23 ~$5000000
NCI/DOE Project: Joint Design of Advanced Computing Solutions for Cancer ORNL technical lead 2017-23 ~$500000
DOE/NVBL Project: National Virtual Biotechnology Laboratory Co-I 2021 ~$700000
DOE/IBM (hpc consortium) Project: Discovering molecular targets of the human coronavirus with HPC and AI Lead PI 2020-21 250000 SUMMIT node hours
LDRD/DOE Project: Flexible privacy-enabled platform for sensitive applications Co-PI 2020-22 ~$1040000
LDRD/DOE Project: Rational CRISPR design for ecological engineering of microbiomes Lead PI 2019-21 ~$900000
LDRD/DOE Project: Obtaining atomistic insights into flexible biomolecular systems by data-driven integration of cryo-electron microscopy, neutron scattering and molecular simulations Co-PI 2018-20 ~$726538
UMCP/NIST Travel sole 2015 $500
ACNS Travel sole 2014 $500
CFR/CEA Research Training: Doctoral thesis sole 2008-11 ~$115000